Lunar Spell

An ink-wash of night sky,
Slight windshimmer in the leaf canopy.

The Owl who talks too much,
Hoots when he shouldn't...

Alerts Wood Rat and the Lovers
In the bramble and the Cow with bell

Tinkling 'round the bog path.
Imagine you have magic

And know things
As you travel this dark legend,

Where grows the white trillium,
And black bulrushes, starwort.

You recognize yourself,
The shade of you

Fresh from rapture,
Clothed in dew.

His mouth quivers.
Your teeth gleam.

Deep in the heart of summer,

by Barbary Chaapel

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Bouquets for Estuary

      "In Greek, the word element means "letter" (of the alphabet), and in Estuary, Barbary Chaapel's book of poems that divides her world into the two ancient elements, her letters combine to form words that connect, that matter to the reader. Her world, populated with cowboys and miners, with brides and widows, echoes the sentiments of Galatians, "Faith works only through love," (5:6). If you don't find yourself at the estuary created by Chaapel, have faith, for there is still time to take the journey with her, letter by letter, word by word, page by page "...

Dr. Mark Defoe
author of Weekend Update