Hear wild geese
Come to mouth of river,
Arm of sea, sounding
Their intention:
Southing from this tidemark.

Evening sun, rose-light.
Follow gypsy signs,
Journey old fly paths,
Turnings from heart.
Mark this point:

For we who will never meet
All distance is the same.
When you read me
Doesn't matter where you are,

Doesn't matter if you're near
Or far away, together we dream
In dark, thick tidal flat, beginnings:
Hear stirring in green wave of salt marsh.
See, through sudden wingspread,
First light.

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From aboard the Snow Goose sailboat for close to a decade.
Genesis EstuaryBarbary ChaapelNo Name Harbor Email about the Author - Barbary Chaapel

     Have you ever stood outside on late October day with the scent of wetted leaves on the ground, geese practicing their formations in the sky and felt such a longing for you knew not what? That is how this poem was born.

Review No Name HarborDr. Sandra Vrana Grab A Nickel Email about the Book - No Name Harbor

     "Barbary Chaapel's poems, beautiful in precision and deep with understanding, are weighted with the experience of the body in its earthly entrapment/paradise where sunsets, ice, trees, stranger and friends, pets and wild creatures are loved, feared or sometimes just endured. Yet in her poetry an inner vision rises like mysterious vapor over all of these sensory details, the heart yearns, the soul settles on a branch and sings. And we listen with held breath."

Preface No Name HarborBarbary ChaapelPublish America, LLP Preface continues

     Sometimes I am the silent witness to miracles in SKY, become the line drawings of winter, the sienna-breast robin at the milk-green pond; Or see the possibility of a different redemption, Saul to Paul in one glorious glance.

     FIRE: When we married I didn't know I'd be hard to handle. He is survived by me, I am survived by him. He is such a sunny soul; It is all so bittersweet ... These are lines from some of the poems in this section ...