The choir of women
Turned to stone
For they believed

In the power of silence,
In the powerful silence
Of their own stillness.

Sculpted heads,
Eyes carved with obsidian hand tools,
Swallowed-tongue women
On that island called Easter.

Cipher the message:
Wind in the trees, raindrops
Speak for me, their sister:
I am stillness.

Before the sharp tongue of my love
My power, too, lies
In words unspoken.

So impassioned,
He calls me stone.

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Washing hair aboard the Snow Goose while sailing the Caribbean for close to a decade.
Genesis Isla De PasquaBarbary ChaapelNo Name Harbor Email about the Author - Barbary Chaapel

     When I was a child I always heard my Scot-Irish grandmother say when family conflicts arose: Keep quiet, keep trouble down. Kris Kristofferson's music, Easter Island, also influenced this poem. Were the women on Easter island struck dumb by their men's perceptions? Did they, themselves, do the carving?

Review No Name HarborDr. Barbara Smith Wild Sweet Notes Email about the Book - No Name Harbor

     "Barbary Chaapel's No Name Harbor offers the sparkle of the sunlit surf, the mystery of an archeological find, and the richness and good taste of double-fudge brownies. Her work provides both discovery and delight."

Preface No Name HarborBarbary ChaapelPublish America, LLP Preface continues

     On nautical charts of Biscayne Bay No Name Harbor is a storm refuge.

     When I write poetry I reveal my world to myself; despair, joy; knowledge sometimes an uneasy ecstasy, this tapping into the collective unconscious.

     No Name Harbor is divided into 4 chapters: EARTH, SEA, SKY, FIRE ...